Corporate Event

“One of our major clients held a cocktail party in a large el Centro hotel with about a 100 guests, and knowing live music can add that something special to any event, we hired the Musical Nomads.  They understood the star of the evening was our client and their selection of music, professional presentation plus the correct sound levels helped make our evening a total success.  You can’t go wrong adding them to your next activity.”

– Ed Lindquist, co-founder Hosanna Integrity Music


“After such superb performances it is a pleasure to share my comments about the Musical Nomads. From the moment of contracting their services to the time of the show, we have had very satisfying experiences. Brad and Julienne have the brilliant ability to create a charming and entertaining atmosphere by providing musical performances suitable for pretty much all audiences (if not all audiences). Their personal candor often makes our clients interact with them, making our evenings very dynamic and enjoyable.  Their work has certainly attracted more visitors to our hotel and restaurant, which has made them a very valuable asset to Hotel Presidente”.

– Fernando Arizaga, General Manager, Hotel Presidente, Ecuador, South America

House Concert

“Not only are Musical Nomads amazing musicians but their banter with the audience is delightful.  And, to top it off, Brad and Julienne are just downright good folks.”

– Rick Hubbert, Concert Promoter, Cuenca, Ecuador


“Brad and Julienne were nothing short of amazing.  Beautiful people both inside and out.  They learned our special requests to perfection, sang and played flawlessly.  They are professional, yet very sweet and down to earth.  We will recommend them to our friends and colleagues.    

– Valoris P, Mother of the Bride, Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Event

“In the day, I was an A&R director for a large music company in Nashville, and having been around music performances all my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Musical Nomads here in Ecuador who played with such skill and professionalism all of my favorite music. Definitely make a point to go see the Musical Nomads when they are playing in your area.” 

– Jan Loman, former A&R director at Benson Records

Fund Raiser

“Brad & Julienne performed at our party/mini-fundraiser Saturday night. They were simply outstanding!  Great for an intimate setting.  The music was perfect for the evening, delighted our guests and had them dancing for hours.  Thank you, Musical Nomads!”       

– Bard & Brenda Gale, Cuenca Ecuador

Lake Cruise Concert

“Having hosted more than 20 house concerts over the past 3 years, and having accommodated all of the artists in our home, I can say unequivocally that there are none who would be more welcome to return than Brad & Julienne.”          

– R. McEwen,  Lake Tapo, New Zealand

 Retreat Center

“Julienne and Brad, you both created a warm relaxed connection with the audience as you both wove original with familiar;  personal with humor.  You were easy on the ear and the heart.  Love to you both…”

– Donna Idol, Manager, Mana Retreat Centre, New Zealand


“A very talented duo (husband and wife, Brad & Julienne McKee) were paying tribute to tunes from the 60’s and 70’s as well as contemporary hits by Jack Johnson and the like. Brad has a hauntingly pure voice covering several or more octaves.  His wife offered beautiful vocal harmonies and base guitar accompaniment…… I will go back, especially if Brad and his wife are playing.”

– Z Vents, Online magazine

Private Event

“The Musical Nomads  create an ambiance of sheer magic. Their music will stir your heart, move you to dance, take you down Memory Lane, inspire you to forget all your worries and just have an unforgettable evening.”  

– Susan Schenck, author 


Cruise Ship Leadership

“The Musical Nomads have been a delightful addition to the Legend family and have been receiving the most amazing comments from our guests. Their style suits the needs of all ages and keeps the guests dancing in the the Atrium.  The Nomads have brilliant two part harmonies and are always in tune.  They are able to accommodate quite a few requests and always add their own twist to popular songs. The Nomads are always seen interacting with the guests in between sets and always give a sophisticated performance for them.  The Nomads are always looking for new ways to contribute to the success of the music department and they have played a huge part in our rising TGEM scores.”

~MUSIC MANAGER Carnival Cruise Line, Legend

“The Musical Nomads are super great to work with.  They are easy going, super talented and great to be around.  They’re a perfect fit for the Alaskan crowd.  The guests love them.  Each set they play the venue is packed out!  They have been selling loads of CD’s and have received many great TGEMs.  Musically the Nomads are solid, with good instrumentation and tight harmonies.  Brad and Julienne compliment each other perfectly both on and off the stage.  They are consistently  punctual, always dressed very well and always put on a great show in the lobby.  I have never seen them in a bad mood or having an ‘off’ day musically on the stage.  Both Julienne and Brad have been super to work with and perfect for this type of cruise but would be an asset to any team!”

~MUSIC MANAGER Carnival Cruise Line, Vista


Cruise Ship Guests

“Musical Nomads, the couple that performed oldies, were the most talented and entertaining live music available on the ship.”

“We spent quite a bit of time listening to the musical group Musical Nomads.  We found them entertaining and very enjoyable.  We thought they were great!!  My husband commented if he knew in advance that this group was going to be on a specific cruise — that would be incentive to take that cruise!!”

“My 2 year old loved everyone and especially loved the music of the Musical Nomads”

“The music from the Musical Nomads absolutely made our cruise fun and worthwhile.”

“The Musical Nomads – great talent & amazing music!”

“We loved the Musical Nomads and looked forward to hearing them every evening and were sad when then had a day off.”

“Musical Nomads, the musicians in the main lobby bar. we made a point to watch them every evening they performed. Loved that they played/sang songs that we knew.  Very personable and we loved all their shows.”

“I really enjoyed listening to the Musical Nomads.  I loved their music and positive, friendly interaction with the audiences.  I also ran into them on the ship and in the ports and they were so friendly.  I know some performers (when they are on their break) don’t interact or remember their audiences but Brad and Julienne took the time to talk to me and remember me.  I really appreciated that.”

“Musical Nomads provided fantastic entertainment!”

“Musical Nomads went out of their way to make us feel special.”

“The Musical Nomads provide us with DELIGHTFUL memories and LOTS of smiles!”

“Cannot remember the name of the couple who played guitar, bass and sang songs of the 60’s and 70’s. Loved their shows.”

“I really liked the two singers (man and woman) who took requests and sang in the Colossus Atrium. They were very good and interacted with the crowd well.  They also remembered us and waved to us every time they saw us, even though I never really spoke to them.  I liked that they had such a wide range of songs and took requests.”

The Nomads were fantastic and they chatted to us whenever we saw them. Made the cruise like being with family.”

“Musical Nomads in the Colossus Lobby, always a pleasure to listen to and sing along with.”

“The band Musical Nomads was really good. The songs that they played were easy to listen to and sing-along with. It helps to provide a relaxing atmosphere.”

“The Musical Nomads – wonderfully talented entertainers and nice people who took time to talk to fans when not performing.”

Brad and Julienne, the Musical Nomads musical group are outstanding. Second time we have heard them.”

“We really enjoyed the Nomads in the Colossus Bar.”

“We thought the Nomads were terrific.  Danced and listened to their segments.”

“Musical group Nomads were excellent.”

“The Nomad band, they were awesome.”